Saturday, 28 May 2011

Question: Does NLP help you lose weight?

Answer: We'll see very soon.

Now, if you'd asked me this question years ago I think my answer would be a firm 'no'. Of course I knew nothing of it - bar creepy men placing unwitting victims in embarrassing chicken-like trances.  Let's just call me an unwavering and proud skeptic.

Even when I read about the astonishing weight loss hypnotherapy success of Lily Allen, I dismissed it as poppycock. Now was that because I really did think that? Or is it because I wanted to?!?

But over the years I've realised just what a powerful tool the human brain can be. I'd bought hypnotherapy CDs and MP3s of the year, including the famous Paul McKenna "Make Yourself Thin", but I have to say it never really stuck...

Yet I perservered with the idea and decided that only face-to-face weight loss hypnotherapy would do. My biggest hurdle (after the cost) was navigating the idea that someone could plant any suggestion in my head...

Let's just say that it wasn't anything like that for me.  My NLP practitioner is 100% professional and a genuinely nice person who set me at ease almost instantly.  When you're in a trance-like state, you're always in control. After all, you're the creator of the solution. Your therapist just helps facilitate that. Crucially, you are always awake... but very relaxed!

Over the past few weeks I've learned a number of NLP techniques over a course of five sessions which has (and will continue to) helped me address much more than my weight issues. After all - whether I like to admit it or not - my weight is a symptom, rather than the problem itself. I can kid myself that fat people are jolly and all, but if they are I certainly haven't shared that experience.

It's a life-long journey and it's still early days, but we're certainly off to a very promising and exciting start!

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