Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Three weeks to change!

I am now halfway through week 2 and I can feel myself wavering. Call it impatience, call it irrationality. Whatever you call it, I'm having to garner all of my energies to stay positive and keep focused on the goal.  

It's all about making habits and those take time -as much as three weeks. And when you think about it, that's not a very big timeframe. Any pain involved is constricted to that initial 21 day period. This should not be news to me as over the past few years I have already set a few good ones in place which I can't see myself changing, such as:
  • Swapped semi-skimmed milk for 0% fat varieties
  • Swapping refined flours for unrefined varieties
  • Removing excess salt and sugars from my general diet
  • Eliminated sugary drinks
Of course, there's always room for change in my life - particularly where my diet is concerned. This week I've begun introducing activities into my schedule after a winterlong break.  My log so far (including plans for the rest of the week) is:

90 min walk

90 min gardening

30 min walk

30 min walk
30 min swim

Wednesday (TBC)
30 min walk
30 min swim

30 min walk
30 min rock climb

30 min walk

It's only week one, but the goal is to walk at least 30 minutes per day and enjoy a range of activities that will help me lose and eventually keep the weight at bay.

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