Thursday, 19 May 2011

Biggest Loser's Bob Harper takes the hard line on weight loss

Forget unicorns and fairies, kids. There's no such thing as plateaus, either. According to the Biggest Loser's Bob Harper - speaking at a corporate event - it's a sign that you're not quite completely committed to making the changes needed.

He suggests kickstarting the metabolism every day by drinking a full glass of water upon waking - followed by breakfast within a half-hour. Your metabolism slows down over the course of the day, so a mid-afternoon workout can boost this. And when you get home? Make sure its protein and veggies only.

Confidence is important. He explains: "Weight loss is about a lifestyle change, he said. But you have to believe in yourself and trust the process."

“You’re gonna mess up. We all do,” he said. “But you get to start over.”

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