Sunday, 15 May 2011

Can chocolate be healthy?

 As part of the NLP, I underwent chocolate aversion therapy. It put an immediate end to my naughty cravings for chocolate bars, chocolate chip cookies... and well, anything chocolate that is unhealthy. It's worked a treat, but I do have a longing for little healthy treats which I can have every now and again.
Nakd bars are one way I've managed this. These raw food treats are out of this world and come in flavours like ginger bread, pecan pie and cocoa delight. They are quite dear, however, so I've been looking for a way to cook (or not in this case) something similar up at home.

And I discovered the most amazing blog - Chocolate-covered Katie. She's a goddess of healthy goodness :)  Some of the ingredients are hard to find on the high street in the UK - but luckily ingredients like Artisana coconut butter can be sourced easily via Amazon for just over £10.


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