Thursday, 26 May 2011

Less weight... more vitamin D

Stuck for a good reason to lose weight?

Well, another benefit of weight loss is enhanced protection against osteoporosis! Losing just 5 per cent of your body weight increases vitamin D levels in the obese, according to research released by the Fred Hutchinson Research Centre.

So what does this mean?

Vitamin D - which isn't technically a vitamin - is used by the body to help improve muscle strength, boost immunity, reduce inflammation, increase absorption of calcium and monitor calcium and phosphate levels in the bloodstream. The latter helps to protect against rickets and osteoporosis as it maintains bone strength and density.

Some studies have linked Vitamin D with reduced risk of cancer, but according to the the National Cancer Institute, the findings of some of these studies have been inconsistent.

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Calvin Brock said...

Hooray for Fridays! I don't about you guys, but this girl is in some serious need of Vitamin D. The sun hasn't shone (correct verb?) in so long I'm not sure I'd know it if I saw it. vitamin D benefits