Tuesday, 10 May 2011

How to drop a dress size in 5 days

Why is it that when we diet, all senses of reality go out the window? Maybe it's the instant gratification culture we live in or food colours inducing ADHD, but we just can't seem to wrap our head around long-term, slow paced healthy options which deliver lifelong rewards?!?

But who I am to comment - my first thoughts when I saw this article were: "Really?!? You mean with one diet I can drop a whole dress size in just five days?"

Of course, the real world set in as I started reading. It's like navigating a sea of caveats, such as:

When we switch into desperation mode it's so difficult to switch off the idea of a crash diet... They offer a short-term fix and the promise that you'll look that bit slimmer, feel more confident, etc on your big night!

But isn't that why - on the eighth day - God invented Spanx?

There's a ton of research out there which identifies the pitfalls of 'get thin quick' crash diets - but I don't need a lab coat to tell you that just as you didn't gain a dress size in five days, you most likely won't lose one in such a short time. 

Of course there are those who will prove me wrong. To them, I give a salute. You've made the ultimate sacrifice to the dieting Gods, succeeding where most of us fail...

But, I have to ask, is it really worth it for a night or two?


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