Thursday, 9 June 2011

Weight Watchers - Vent - The end?

It took time, but I eventually received a response to my concerns over the lack of Weight Watchers leaders and support available to those following the ProPoints programme. Let's just say it wasn't really the response I'd hoped for, but I'll give them their dues: at least they responded. That's more than I can say for any of their leaders!  This whole episode has been so tense and stressful as I really started out my week feeling in the zone for getting myself slimmer. I'm just glad to have it behind me, really.

Where do we go from here? It could be quite easy to simply keep myself on the slow and steady route. After all, losing 4 kg every six weeks (as I have done) could generate a weight loss of more than 50lbs this year alone. But then again there's every chance that it could not... and that's what this decision to join a programme is all about.

So last night I started looking into Slimming World - from talking to those who have been successful and those who haven't. I've decided on a meeting that is close enough for me to walk to and from and have had a quick chat with the leader who seems professional, supportive and knowledgable of the issues facing her members.

As I close the door on Weight Watchers, I'm seeing a new opportunity to succeed open. I know that the next few weeks will be a steep learning curve as I learn new habits, develop new skills and dream up new recipes which will aid my weight loss. It's terrifying, yet exciting. 

In the meantime, I'm carrying on my mainly healthy eating (although I did succumb to custard creams earlier) and exercising. My walking has been going well - since Monday I've done 3.5 hours and am hoping to do at least another 3.5 between tomorrow and Sunday. Seven hours a week sounds perfect to me.  Tonight I'll be heading back for some more rock climbing and this weekend I'm hoping to try out Zumba, go swimming and take in some canoeing.  I've also been looking into joining a boxing club for circuit training/anger management. [NB: After a week like this one, I really need it!]

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