Saturday, 18 June 2011

Does magical thinking help people lose weight?

Finding it difficult to cope with the stress and strain of being overweight and dieting? According to Canadian researchers you might just benefit from "magical thinking".

This is the belief that something out there is on your side, rooting for you and aiding you in your weight loss. It's that hope and faith that could just inspire you to reach that seemingly impossible goal.

Through interviews, memoirs and weight loss blogs, HEC Montreal marketing professor Yannik St James undertook a study which analysed how dieters used this magical thinking in their slimming efforts.

So, can you? Well, you just might be already. I know I am! Food does indeed 'seduce' me and my body 'works against me' all the time! And through it all I remain not only hopeful, but confident that I WILL get there... and so will YOU.

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