Monday, 27 June 2011

Weigh in - Week 2 - Success!

Despite really doing my best to stick to the plan, I am plagued by weigh in nightmares... quite literally! Maybe it's nerves, or even the feeling like I'm not on a diet, but my weekend dreamings are filled with thoughts of weight gains.

Luckily, my fears weren't well founded. This week I registered a 2lb loss, earning me my first 1/2 stone lost certificate and entry into the next stone bracket. So I'm in the 19stones no more - officially :) Since joining SW two weeks ago I've lost 8lbs - which is much better than I first thought.

My consultant suggested measuring myself and I must admit that I poo pooed that idea initially. Until I did it!  I've shrunk by a whopping 10 inches:
  • Neck is .5 inch smaller
  • Bust is 2.5 inches smaller
  • Waist is 2 inches smaller
  • Hips are 3  inches smaller
  • Thighs are 1 inch smaller - each!
I must admit that even I - the total skeptic - am impressed. With changes like that it isn't just water weight and - more importantly - this is a reminder that every pound really counts!

Have you measured yourself today? You just might be surprised!

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