Sunday, 5 June 2011

A new beginning

The months/years of hemming and hawing since I gave up smoking (nearly 3 years ago!) are over, I hope. After a really good chat with my practice's weight loss nurse, I've decided to go back to Weight Watchers - for good. While I've made decent swaps and am exercising more, I think that is what's needed to maintain a weight loss - rather than make a significant change quickly. My appreciation of portion control can be a bit lax...

That said, she did tell me that I was 9lbs lighter than I was 6 weeks ago - prior to going away and packing on a few pounds. So I'm happy but - more importantly - I'm feeling in the zone.

These past couple of years have made me realise that I leaned on one addiction (smoking) to cope with the weight. You know how they say smoking makes you thin? It did, I guess, but its draw (pun intended) was never strong enough to beat out food. At least I did away with one of the demons and I've managed to keep my weight from topping 20 stone... Thank god I get aches and puffed out! Without these physical signs, I just might have kept eating my way through to much, much more.

Whatever happens tomorrow, today I feel like everything has come together and I have to admit that I'm having more days like this than I'm not.

Scales differ from place to place, so will be interesting to register and log my weight. I've not done ProPoints, so it should be a fresh, new start for me. From what I understand you get a zillion or so...

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