Thursday, 29 March 2007

A Not So Innocent Potato!

Well, I'm resigning myself to a 'stay the same' result for my next WI. I had a large loss on Monday and I've been struggling to manage on my reduced points - 23. I very nearly went over points yesterday thanks to a 'hawaiian jacket potato', but made up for it with LOADs of exercise.

Yes, I was thinking ham and pineapple when my ex-mother-in-law suggested it to me as 'fabulous'.... She didn't mention the cheese in it and the mayo as well. The restaurant we went to, the Lowenac (Cornish for Happiness) is an unusual place. Think garnish for a minute - I used to think a small side salad or perhaps a sprig of parsley...they do crisps - yes, crunchy potato crisps!

Pointing my lunch when I returned, I worked out my lunch was a full 12 points....argh - more than half my allowance! Along with breakfast and a mid-morning snack, I was at 20 points by 2pm! With 8 bonus points of exercise, I managed to squeeze in a supper of cheese, onion and tomato on toast....but only just!

I spent last night revising goals....not sure whether they'll change for better or worse - but here ya go:
30/4/7 13 s 13 (195)
19/6/7 13 s 2 (184)
30/6/7 12 s 13 (181)
31/8/7 11 s 13 (167)
31/10/7 10 s 13 (153)
31/12/7 9s 13 (139)
28/02/8 9s 7 (133) GOAL!

Goal is still feeling a touch flexible as I know the healthy BMI range goes from about 8s 7 to 10s 7 or 121lbs to 147lbs...It's quite a big range really. I'm hoping to set something concrete when I get into the 10 stone range (140's).

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