Saturday, 10 March 2007

What is it all about?

I'm in the 9th week of my Weight Watchers' journey now. While my losses have been great - with 31lbs lost, I'm aware that over the next few weeks, my losses will decrease and the hard work has to begin. I have been lucky so far - but I think that by keeping this blog, I will keep focussed on the goal at hand.

Which is a current issue....My goal is a bit, erm, fluid. To put myself in a healthy BMI range, I need to weigh 147lbs or less. However, I am tempted to push my goal lower on the BMI scale - by setting my target at 133lbs. I need to do some research and put some thought into this as I have not weighed less than 150lbs for more than 20 years.

But until I come to a final decision, I will continue concentrating on the 5 stone (70lbs) which remain between my current weight and 147lbs!

Today has been a fairly good day. I've been keeping busy with far too much housework which meant little time to devote to my favourite pasttime - eating! At the moment, I am allowed 24 points a day on WW and I spent them like so:

  • Brunch: Large Jacket Potato with cheese (9) packet Walkers Baked (1.5), Tesco Healthy Living Trifle (3) - TOTAL: 13.5
  • Dinner: Tesco Healthy Living Spaghetti & Meatballs (5.5), Tesco Healthy Living Trifle (3), Walkers Baked (1.5) TOTAL: 10


  1. Lack of variety
  2. Too many ready-meals
  3. No fresh vegetables

I think I need to combat these problems by trying to get back into regular stirfries and home-made soups. Stirfries are not only filling, they are fantastic for getting veg portions in as well being low in points! I smell one coming on for tomorrow!

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Mervyn said...

good luck and keep it up you are doing so well, I hope I can encourage you to really work at it. I know how difficult it is I am trying too. All the best Merv x