Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Swap Shop

While my ultimate goal is the elusive size 10 jeans, a large part of my motivation is health-related. I not only want to be healthy in size, but in body and spirit as well. Sacrifices must be made in any pursuit, however, it makes life more enjoyable when compromises can be found. I've an unlucky combination of sweet and savoury tooth which means my diet has become one big swap shop! While I am aware that more changes need to be made to further my cause, so far, my swaps include:
Semi-skimmed milk (1.5 pt) for skimmed milk (1 pt)
Butter - 2 tsp (2 pt) for Flora Diet - 2 tsp (.5 pt)
Full-fat chocolate mousse (6 pt) for Low fat/sugar chocolate mousse (3 pt)
Chinese takeaway (endless points) for Iceland sweet & sour chicken balls (5pt)

While portion sizes are being reined in, there's only one food which really bugs me as I can not honestly think of a swap - garlic bread. I've sold myself on the idea that I am best off without this more-ish delight as it causes stinky breath - and I'll stick with that. Oh and I am far too aware that one baguette is worth more than a day's allowance.

As the weeks rack up, I'm transforming into a points bore. The mere sight of a decadant treat sends the abacus in my head racing to calculate. Today, for example, I found myself drawn to the savoury aromas of pasties on the high street. Months ago, I wouldn't have paused for thought - however, when my inner accountant rattled off a score of 15 points, I quickly moved on past the many bakery windows. While I was momentarily fixated on them, I managed to quell the urge and soon realised it was hunger but greed rumbling my belly!

Today, I've had:
Breakfast - TOTAL: 3 points
2 Warburtons Crumpets (2.5), Flora Light - 2 tsp (.5)
Lunch - TOTAL: 6 points
WW Turkey & Salad sandwich (4 ), banana (1.5), Golden Lights crisps (1.5)
Dinner - TOTAL: 10.5 points
Ham & salad sandwich with coleslaw (5), Walkers Baked Crisps (1.5), 2 chocolate mousses (4),
Snacks - TOTAL: 4 points
pink & whites x 6 (4)
TOTAL: 23.5 points
Comments: Lots of fruit and veg although I'm lacking on calcium. Need to point in some milk tomorrow - although it will be skimmed. Oh, and still having far too many treats! But, I haven't felt 'hunger' once which is definitely a good thing.

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