Monday, 19 March 2007

Week 10 Weigh-in

Hopped on the scales this morning and saw a loss of a half-pound. While I hoped for a bigger loss, I wasn't shocked in any way, shape or form. With a mega-loss of 5lbs last Monday, I knew that to expect any loss at all was wrong.

I can remember in a nutrition class in school being taught that you should lose no more than 1% of your body weight each week, so anything beyond 2.1lbs is considered unhealthy at the moment. Whoops. Weight Watchers take it one step further - anything beyond 2lbs full stop, regardless of your body weight, is naughty. So, I best keep my average weight loss of 3.65lbs on the QT.

So I've lost 36.5lbs over the last ten weeks. I'm left wondering what that's equivalent to in food...
36.5 tubs of butter
18.25 bags of oranges
28 cans of diet coke
36 pints of milk
6.5 bags of potatoes

While I struggle to view my changing form properly, seeing figures like that - particularly the sacks of potatoes - makes it all slightly clearer for me.

So, I'm aiming to make it a full 7 bags of potatoes for the next weigh-in!

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Mervyn said...

keep it up

cant wait to see the difference

love Merv xx