Thursday, 31 May 2007


I fell off the wagon a few days ago, but luckily have only suffered some superficial damage...I hopped on the scales quickly on Tuesday morning after my long weekend away and it looks like a 2lb gain. 2lbs in 4 days? I'm really hoping I didn't have the 7,500 calories required to gain that!

I need to look at why I overate and how I can avoid doing it in the future. I suppose one positive thing about my overeating in this instance was (probably for the first time ever) I wasn't stressed out prior to eating and it wasn't a binge so much as overindulgence. Sunday was the worst day- Chinese and we'd overordered food! I'm not a takeaway girl anymore - mainly as I don't live near any shops like that and I don't have a car to get there - so I was a bit lost on points values. So here's what I found:

Chinese vegetables with: Beef 1 cup = 6
Chicken 1 cup = 5
Pork 1 cup = 7
Shrimp or Tofu 1 cup = 4
Egg drop soup 1 cup = 1
Egg rolls: Beef or Pork 1 (4 1/2" long) = 5 chicken or shrimp 1 (4 1/2" long) = 4
Hot and sour soup 1 cup = 2
Lo mein, any type 1 cup = 8
Rice, fried, with beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, or plain 1 cup = 8
Stir-fry with garlic or black bean sauce beef or pork 1 cup = 8
chicken or shrimp 1 cup = 7
Sweet and sour: beef or pork 1 cup = 12 chicken or shrimp 1 cup = 10 sweet and sour sauce 1 tbsp = 2

Well, with one portion of egg-fried rice and 1 1/2 pots of other stuff, it would look like I had at least 20 points in one meal! I was uncomfortably full to say the least. I suppose it wouldn't be so bad except that I had another meal on top of that - mashed potatoes, sweet corn and 2 thai fishcakes which were probably another 15 points!

So, enough's enough...have to get back to basics. I was good on Tuesday but Wednesday threw me some obstacles I couldn't work around. I was catching up at work at college and assumed that I would be able to get lunch at the college...All 4 restaurants were shut - leaving me with McDonalds as the only option! Had a quarterpounder with cheese meal with medium fries - 15.5pts and for dinner we ordered pizza delivery. I didn't have any pizza but opted for some chicken strips at 7points - putting me 1.5 pts over for the day :(

So what's the plan today? Me thinks I need to go shopping and get the right foods in the fridge and larder - vegetables, lean meats and low-point options! I'm only 1/2 way to goal and I need to work extra hard to get to the finish post. Let's hope that this weekend gone has given me a taste of how just a few days off the wagon can set me back! Let's hope a few days on the wagon will get me back to where I was!

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