Sunday, 24 June 2007

Feeling Posh

Reading that last post, I must confess that my superficial damage sort of set me back for a few weeks there...although I kidded myself a touch that I was letting my weight "stabilise"!

College has finished now until October, so really I have no excuse not to exercise...I have had a sneaky peek on the scales since my last weigh in (178 lbs) and it is looking like I just might get my 30% and 75lb goal on Monday if my weight registers at 173lbs...but really as long as it's no more than 177lbs, I'll be happy.

Despite not losing pounds, I can feel my body changing shape. Since my last measurements in May, I've lost an inch off my waist, an inch of my hips and 1/2 inch off of each of my officially, they're only 3" bigger EACH than Posh Spice's waist....yes -even one thigh couldn't fit into a size zero garment...something which I can't be completely disheartened with as I'd rather be a size 16 than a size 0 anyday...but closer to a 12 would be nice :)

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