Monday, 25 July 2011

Weigh in - Week 5 - Success!

Thinking about my week 6 post - weighing in later on today - I realised that I forgot to post last week's results: 3.5lbs down! This brings my total weight loss in 5 weeks to 15.5lbs (3.1lbs a week). Plus, I got my 1 stone award!

Not quite sure how the scales will favour me later. I feel thinner - but my homescales aren't showing massive losses. I've been 95% good this past week, so I'm hoping for a 1lb weight loss tonight.  Not sure why - possibly just allowing myself to get hungry - but I maxed out my syns nearly every day! And then there's Saturday where I added about 5 syns extra to that count!

I just feel so bloated... which leads me to a yucky issue. So, sensitive readers please look away!  Not sure whether it's dehydration or a lack of fibre, but I'm afflicted by the Slimming World constipation issue. I'm hoping to avoid the dreaded ScanBran, but not quite sure how. Let's face it, I eat a tonne of fruit and veggies each day - surely that helps keep things, erm, moving. Yesterday I had blueberries, strawberries, bananas, carrots, broccoli, green salad with cucumber and tomato. I might start looking at new Hex Bs. Perhaps adding dried fruits to the diet might help! That or some more water-based fruit and veg (apples, lettuce, celery, etc). Plus I'm looking to up my water levels and perhaps reduce the white flour in my syns! It means bye bye biscuits, but hello weight loss!

So let's see whether I'm in the scale's favour today... And, whatever the case may be I know that once this downstairs issue is cleared up I'll probably have lost another stone! haha!

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