Monday, 30 April 2007

Halfway Point - Is it all downhill from here?

Well, lost 3lbs at today's weigh in bringing me to a 4 stone (56lb) loss since 8 January and and 4 stone shy of goal. It's taken just under 4 months to get this far and while I hope that the latter half of the journey will be as quick, I'm guessing it will take at least 6 months. In order to break the long journey up a bit, I'm trying to think in terms of mini-goals which seem to be constantly changing.

At the moment, I'm part of two challenges - one which began just after Easter and another which begins next week. The Easter Challenge goal is 13s 2 (184lbs) by 18/06/07 however, I am only 5lbs from that so will hopefully shift some more pounds beyond my 28lb goal. The new challenge, which begins on Monday is an 8-week challenge. I've set myself a goal of 12 s 5lbs by 25/06/07. That's 16lbs in 8 weeks. It would have been 14lbs to alleviate pressure, however if I shed 16lbs, I will reach my 75lb weight loss and be 30% less the woman I was at the start of the year. If I pull it off, even I will be impressed! After that, the next goal will be 10 s 8lbs (148lbs) - 40% lost. If I can get to that before my holiday in August, I will be bouncing off the walls!

Challenges are a fantastic way to keep yourself motivated - however, I am all too aware that they aren't all that one needs to keep motivated. Success at the scales each week is what keeps me going. I've found that this success and motivation extends far and beyond just the physical rewards however.

Friends and family alike have told me how my confidence seems to be soaring. My weight loss and my course at university seem to have been working together to undo years of poor self image. I know I'm still only halfway to goal, but I'm so curious as to who I'll be at the end of this journey as I've discovered so much in the last few months about myself that I chose to either ignore or neglect for years. After nearly a decade of hiding in a fat suit, I feel like I'm ready to spring forth and be the person I am. I've no need to wear the shield of lard to protect me from life's woes anymore. I'll just stand up and face whatever they throw at me.

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