Wednesday, 28 October 2009

What's your type?

Picture your perfect mate... And your dream holiday? We all know our type - right down to the finest details, don't we? Now imagine your ideal diet. A bit fuzzy, isn't it?

This thought came to me while thinking about my recent dieting failures...

There was that time I decided to do low-carb... Forget Atkins' heart attack or the fact that last time I went on it I ended up with kidney infections - I lost a whopping 8 stone on it! My love affair with meat ended quickly as I soon re-discovered the joys of 'meat breath'.

Or when I got in touch with my Independent Woman by joining the Maple Syrup diet brigade. Try that one my friends and you'll never quite look at Aunt Jemima the same way again.

And my self-designed free flow diet where I could eat all I wanted as long as I exercised for an hour a day. Great until you strain a muscle...

The final straw was the public humiliation, I mean weigh-in, at my local weight loss club...

These types of plans might work for some people but I can say with certainty that they don't work for me. When it comes to your health, forget the Princess Diana act. You need to be a bit selfish and realise that not all diets address your individual issues, personality or lifestyle.

And therein lies the problem for me...

I just can't conform. And I guess I'm slightly envious of those who can as it must make life less of a struggle. You know I wish I was able to just go with the flow or be a celeb-type (read anorexic) who couldn't give a damn about eating real food... But I do.

As for exercise, I know that - at least for the first few weeks - I need to get the eating under control before jumping the proverbial - and literal pool.

Basically - I need a plan that can be accurately described as a regime... Not a bread and water dictatorship, per se but certainly one featuring a bit of self-inflicted tough love.

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