Monday, 19 July 2010

More than 3 years since I started...

And, well, I think I may - finally - be on the right track! After months and months of weight fluctuations, I seem to be on the downward slope to health. Christmas 2009 saw my weight peak at 20 stone. That's a figure that is both shocking and upsetting for me. Firstly it was my highest ever weight to date. Secondly, when you hear stories of extreme obesity, that figure in stones is never in the teens.

Worse still, my son was on the same path. At 10, he weighed 9 stone 4lbs and lived on junk (like me). Luckily for us both, we started a 6-month healthy eating/ healthy living programme called Mend and the results have been phenomenal for him. While he's still got a way to go, he's down tbelow 8 stone and is full of energy and eats healthily.

The changes we've made to our food intake and activity levels have seen my weight drop, too. Starting the year at 20 stone, my weight's now down to 18 stone 9lbs. It's nowhere close to the drops I made previously, but I haven't officially been dieting. This is just from modifying the foods I've eaten while at home. As for exercise, this is only just being reintroduced as I'm recovering from an impinged shoulder which cramped my activity levels a bit.

Every day in this blog I aim to examine one of the changes we've made or are going to make. I also hope to uncover where the fad diets are going wrong for the average Joe (but right for the diet creator).

It's the same journey... just on a new path!

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